Matt Davies Stockton Explains Ways SaaS Companies Have Revolutionized the Staffing and Recruiting Industry


According to Matt Davies Stockton, the top companies in the world rely on Software as a Service (SaaS) to fulfill their recruitment and onboarding goals. Traditional HR processes involve lengthy application processes which slow the employee recruitment process and can drive away the most eligible candidates. Recruitment SaaS offers many cloud-based features and tools that make the recruitment process easier. Plus, automation helps to speed up the process.

The Details

Here are a few ways SaaS companies have revolutionized the staffing and recruiting industry:

1. Increased candidate engagement – According to studies, over 80 percent of candidates that apply for a job expect a response in return. And you can lose two-thirds of eligible candidates without proper acknowledgment. That is why it is crucial to increase candidate engagement even though it can be a time-consuming process.

Recruitment SaaS systems include tools that make it possible to engage potential candidates on a deeper level without wasting time. For instance, it can automatically send customized electronic confirmations and allow the candidates to self-schedule interviews. As a result, it not only diffuses the workload of the recruiter but also allows them to easily engage eligible candidates.

2. The integration of AI technologies – The current advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology have demonstrated unprecedented potential since AI can replicate the thought processes and actions of the human mind. The best SaaS systems include AI tools that handle important responsibilities such as data gathering and sorting.

In fact, they make it feasible to automatically sort through extensive data and locate useful information so that recruiters can precisely pinpoint information about the candidates. Plus, features such as automation and self-scheduling help to lighten the workload.

3. Multi-channel sourcing management – One of the hurdles of the traditional recruitment process is that it takes a huge amount of time when you are following a multi-channel sourcing recruitment strategy. However, with the help of recruitment SaaS, you can post open positions to all the relevant free and premium channels with just a few clicks.

Thus, there is no need to post individual open positions on major job boards such as LinkedIn, Monster, Google, Indeed, Facebook, and more. The SaaS system will do the job for you. Plus, you can manage everything from all the recruitment channels on a central platform.

4. Remote interviewing – Ever since the pandemic, remote interviewing has become a favorable practice, at least during the earlier stages of the hiring process. This is to be expected since this process benefits both the employee and the employer.

While it is possible to interview candidates remotely without the use of SaaS systems, these can make the remote interviewing process much easier to manage.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests you subscribe to a recruitment SaaS for recruiting the most eligible candidates in your company. If nothing else, it can provide you with valuable metrics and data on the candidates that can be very helpful in understanding the core strategies required for decision-making and comprehensive reporting.