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At the same time, Congress modified part 1129 of the Code to except from the Absolute Priority Rule the “property included within the property underneath part 1115.” There is a growing cut up of authority among bankruptcy courts as to what the amendments mean. Harris is a partner in Binder & Malter LLP in the Silicon Valley; Mr. Gill is of counsel at Ezra Brutzkus Gubner LLP in Woodland Hills; and Mr. Eliopulos is a associate at Higgs Fletcher & Mack LLP in San Diego. Commentators, especially those supportive of the MBCL, have chastised Delaware’s move as “hedging their bets” and “a watered-down” model of earlier statutes. However, the authors of the article believe the Delaware statute represents greater than “hedging their bets” or a “watered-down” model of earlier statutes.

While quashing a 24-year-old legal case against certain people, the Allahabad High Court, within the case of Dr Meraj Ali …

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